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Climatic Resource

Luzhou has rich heat, abundant rainfall, and adequate light, a combination of light and hot water resources, and long time for crop growth, which provides the good ecological conditions for comprehensive development of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, sideline production and fishery. So, the agricultural production has great potential.  

Land Resource

In 2013, the total area of Luzhou city was 1222864.43 hectares, with 410909.45 hectares of arable land, 246704 hectares of garden land, 536284.51 hectares of forest area, 41982.38 hectares of grassland area, 71827.53 hectares of urban village and industrial land, 163833 hectares of land transportation, water conservancy facilities and other land 37651.41 hectares, and 83155.38 hectares of other agricultural land.

Water Resource

Luzhou has total water resource of 6 billion 158 million cubic meters / year, accounting for 2.13% of the whole Sichuan Province, among which 84% is ground water and 16% is underground water. The incoming water resource is 261 billion 300 million cubic metres, and the usable amount is 2 billion 195 million cubic meters.

Biological resource

Luzhou has a superior natural environment, rich in resources with complete ranges. Rice, glutinous sorghum, litchi, longan, and corn are rich in Luzhou. Luzhou has a large output of pigs, cattle, goats and silkworms. The timberland area in Luzhou is 482 thousand and 800 hectares, accounting for 39.42% of the total city area, and the accumulation living wood amount is 8 million 108 thousand cubic meters. Luzhou has 46kinds of rare plants, such as Chinese dove tree, dawn redwood, spinulose tree fern, cephalotaxus oliveri, katsura tree, and fragrant fruit tree. Luzhou has total 1444 kinds of traditional Chinese medicinal materials, such as gastrodia elata, gallnut, bergamot, golden cypress, eucommia ulmoides, and benzoin. Luzhou has 18 kinds of rare animals, such as Chinese sturgeon, Chinese paddlefish, Southern China tiger, black necked stork, musk deer, and Macaque. The Yangtze River section of Hejiang~Leibo was listed as a national rare fish protection area in April 2000. The Ming Dynasty Luzhou Laojiao Daqu pool has more than 400 kinds of microorganisms, which brewes the aroma "Luzhou liquor". Luzhou also has more than 20 kinds of edible mushrooms, such as bamboo fungus, mushroom, tremella, and agaric.

Mineral Resource

Luzhou has proved reserves of coal 69 tons, 65 billion cubic meters of natural gas, pyrite 327 tons, and 201 thousand tons of calcite. Luzhou also has more than 20 kinds of minerals, such as copper, gold, oil, uranium, gallium, germanium, bauxite, refractory clay, dolomite flux, salt, limestone, kaolin, glass sand, ceramic clay, and gypsum.

Energy Resource

In Luzhou, the theoretical reserves of hydropower resources are 628 thousand KW, and the exploitable capacity is 252 thousand KW. In Gulin and Xuyong, coal and anthracite resources amount to 6.9 billion tons, and coalbed methane is more than 100 billion cubic meters. In recent years, 730 million cubic meters of natural gas has been produced. The bioenergy such as straw and methane gas has been developed and used resonably.