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The Official Website of LuZhou Municipal People’s Government

Industry overview

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In 2016, Luzhou City achieved a GDP of 147 billion 800 million yuan, with an average annual growth of 11.4%, crossing five ten- billion steps, and the economic aggregate rose from ninth in Sichuan province to the sixth place. Industrial production has an average annual growth of 13.3%. The whole society invested 173 billion yuan in fixed assets, with an average annual growth of 28.4%, and the gross rose from tenth in Sichuan Province to the second place. Retail sales of social consumption was 63 billion 600 million yuan, with an average annual growth of 14.6%.   Local public budget revenue was 13 billion 650 million yuan, with an average annual growth of 15.8%, and the gross rose from fifth in Sichuan Province to the second place. The per capita disposable income of urban residents is 28975 yuan, with an average annual growth of 10.7%. The per capita disposable income of rural residents is 12529 yuan, with an average annual growth of 12.1%. The main economic indicators are leadidng the whole Sichuan Province for five consecutive years, and the increase was higher than the provincial and national average value. The National High-Tech Zone, the National Modern Agricultural Demonstration Area, National Garden City, and National Quality Demonstration City have been successfully created In the recent five years. The overall strength of the city has reached a new stage, and a new chapter in Luzhou's economic and social development has been written.  

Remarkable achievements were achieved in project construction and investment promotion in the recent five years. A total of 1356 key projects have been implemented, with a total investment of 414 billion 500 million yuan, 5.8 times of the previous five years. Among them, 538 major industrial projects, completion of investment 157 billion 370 million yuan; 506 major infrastructure projects, completion of investment 165 billion 630 million yuan; 268 major people's livelihood and social projects, completion of investment 86 billion 570 million yuan; 44 major ecological and environmental protection projects, completion of investment 4 billion 930 million yuan. Private investment amounted to 408 billion 50 million yuan, accounting for 69% of the total investment in fixed assets. Strengthening cooperation between the government and social capital, 16 PPP projects has been completed, with a total investment of 28 billion 900 million yuan. 12 municipal investment & financing companies have been established, with a total asset of 105 billion 700 million yuan. 3 investment & development funds have been established, with a total fund size of 23 billion yuan. Accumulatively, total 142 thousand mus project construction land has been guaranteed. Industrial power consumption, industrial gas consumption and finished oil supply increased annually by 6.6%, 12% and 12.4% respectively.  The scale of investment has been expanding, the structure has been continuously optimized, and the efficiency has been continuously improved. The contribution rate of investment to economic growth has reached 65.5%.

Important progress has been made in industrial development and transformation and upgrading In the recent five years. Traditional industries have continuously being optimized and upgraded: Key wine-making enterprises such as Luzhou Loajiao and Langjiu have achieved restorative growth. Lutianhua has achieved substantive results in structure reform. Three companies such as Luzhou Changjiang Hydraulic Component Equipment Co., Ltd.Sichuan Changjiang Engineering Crane Co., Ltd.and Sichuan Bonoy heavy machinery Co., Ltd., have been shifted into the industrial park. The “four major industries” have achieved an average annual growth of 13%. Emerging industries has accelerated the cultivation and development: Smart grid, big data, new energy&new materials industries has growed out of nothing; High-tech equipment manufacturing, modern pharmaceutical industries has achieved continuous grow; A group of well-known enterprises have been settled in Luzhou, such as Huawei, Buchang phamaycy, Xuji Group .etc. The modern service industry is booming: the Southwest Trade City (1st stage, and 2nd stage), and the Huarun Mixc have been built and put into operation; National E-Commerce Demonstration Base has been created; 7 external banking institutions have been introduced into Luzhou; 7 State-level 4A Tourist Areas have been created; Total tourism revenue has achieved an average annual growth rate of 33%. The construction industry has achieved a stable and healthy development, and the gross output value of construction industry increased by 16.1% annually. Modern agriculture has accelerated the development progress: Grain production remained stable; 8 major agricultural industries have begun to take shape; A number of key water control projects, such as Huangjiaoba Reservior, Daoliuhe Reservior, and Suokou Reservior, have been built up. Some leading enterprises such as Shandong Shouguang vegetable industry group and Guangdong Wen’s group have been settled in Luzhou. In accordance with "one zone, many parks, one garden, more points" mode, construction of the “three major parks” has been speeded up. The built-up area has been increased from 44.1 square kilometers to 78.5 square kilometers. The main business income of the city's industrial parks has reached 195 billion yuan, with the average annual growth of 19.6%.

In the recent five years, great breakthroughs have been made in the construction of regional central cities. The first batch of National New-Type Urbanization Pilot City has been successfully strived. Luzhou has successfully entered into the national "Double Two Hundred" Planning. The city's urbanization rate has reached 47.5%. The old city has been transform and upgraded, and the construction of "Liangjiang New Town" has been accelerated. The built-up area of the central city has increased from 101.1 square kilometers to 135 square kilometers, with population increased from 1 million 10 thousand to 1 million 362 thousand. The quality of the city has been vigorously enhanced, and urban functions have been constantly improved. 93 km Beltway has been built and put into operation, and 8 entrances and exits has been built and opened to traffic. Construction of 5 crossing-river bridges has been speeded up, and 15 kilometers high quality river-side roads have been built up. 23 city parks have been newly built, and 57 thousand Shantytown households have been trasformed. Educational, cultural, public health, sports and other public service facilities have been continuously improved. Regional trade logistics center, education and training center, and the medical and health center have been gradually constructed. Luzhou has been listed into the first batch of national pilot cities for healthy urban construction. The urban management system has been cleared up; the comprehensive treatment of urban and rural environment has been strenghthened; the results of the National Health City have been further consolidated. Luxian County, Hejiang County, Xuyong County, and Gulin County, these four counties have been expanded, with the human settlement environment further improved. Luxian County and Hejiang County have successfully established as national health counties. Dadukou Town Naxi County and Jiuzhi town Hejiang County have been included in the first batch of national pilot demonstration towns. There are total 12 towns with population over 10000 in Luzhou, and 250 happy-beautiful villages have been built.

In the recent five years, regional integrated transport hubs have been formed. Luzhou has been listed as an Important Regional Comprehensive Transportation Hub (Node City) in China, and the National Comprehensive Transportation Service Demonstration City. 5 highways have been built up, with traffic mileage increased from 74.8 km to 455 km, which ranked third in the province and the first in South Sichuan. The trafiic by highway between each two counties has been realized. Zigong to Luzhou section of the intercity railway of South Sichuan, and Xuyong to Zhenxiong section of Longchang to Huangtong railway has been started construction. Luzhou airport relocation project has been accelerated. 470 km provincial trunk highway and 5400km country road has been constructed and reconstructioned. The North City bus station has been fully completed, and Luzhou passenger transportation center has been completed and put into operation. Luzhou open ports were included in the "national port development plan" "13th Five-Year", and Luzhou Port Bonded Logistics Center (B) and the national grain import designated port have been completed and put into operation. 3 near-sea shipping lines and 6 railway-waterway lines have been newly opened. Annual container throughput has been increased from 101 thousand to 480 thousand TEU containers. Luzhou airport routes increased from 6 to 18, and passenger throughput increased from 285 thousand passengers to 985 thousand passengers per year, which ranks third in all airports in Sichuan Province. 

In the past five years, reform and opening up and innovation and development have been carried out in depth. Steady efforts have been made to reform key areas, and 138 items of implementation of the reform have been carried out. The reform of the administrative examination and approval system have been pushed forward further, and municipal and County two levels administrative licensing items directory have been comprehensively publicated. Registration of real estate, three pilot projects of rural land system reform and industrial and mining waste land reclamation and utilization pilot have been carried out firstly in China. The reform of the financial and taxation system, the reform of the investment and financing system and the reform of state-owned enterprises have achieved remarkable results. "Sales tax changes to VAT" pilot project has been comprehensively pushed forward. Reforms on the commercial system, such as "getting business licence first and then certificate", "five certificates(including Business License, Organization Code, Tax Registration Certificate, Social Insurance Registration Certificate and Statistical Registration Certificate) integrated one", and "only one certificate and one social credit code" have been carried out orderly. The level of openness and cooperation has been comprehensively improved, with the introduction of HUAWEI, Hengda, China Metallurgical, Wanda, and Biguiyuan and other 500 world top and 41 enterprises in China 500 top. Friendly relations of cooperations have been established with a number of international and domestic cities such as South Korea Pingchang City, Wuhan, and Nanjing .etc. An all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging open cooperation pattern has been initially formed. Innovation driving ability has obviously increased, 44 national high-tech enterprises and 36 provincial innovative enterprises have been increased. The output value of hi-tech products has been increased from 6 billion 310 million yuan to 20 billion yuan, with an average annual growth of 25.9%.

In the past five years, people's livelihood and social undertakings have made overall progress. People's livelihood expenditure accounted for 70.3% of the general public budget expenditure, and a large number of people's livelihood issues involving the vital interests of the masses have been properly resolved. Poverty alleviation has achieved phase achievement, with a total of 396 thousand people out of poverty, and the "four 100%" standard on medical poverty alleviation has been realized firstly in the whole Sichuan Province. 33 thousand people have been relocated to the countryside. 81 thousand rural danger houses have been improved.  And 25 bridges have been constructed. The development of education has been accelerated. Luzhou Medical College was renamed Southwest Medical University, and 317 primary and secondary schools and 108 public kindergartens have been constructed or rehabilitated.  The construction of the nationwide preventive health care system has been carried out in an all-round way, and the capacity of primary medical and health services has been further enhanced. Carrying out "national food safety city" construction work, food and drug supervision has been effectively strengthened. The level of social security has been remarkably improved, and 198 thousand people have been newly employed in cities and towns. Sports, radio and television and journalism have developed vigorously, and the establishment of national civilized cities has been accelerated. The ecological environment has been continuous improved, and the prevention and control on atmospheric, water and soil pollution has been steadily promoted.  Environmental quality and total emission reduction has achieved the province's goals. Some measures such as comprehensive natural forest protection, returning farmland back to forest and rocky desertification treatment have been further carried out. Construction of the first batch of pilot projects for water ecological and civilized cities in China has been completed. Social governance has been constantly strengthened, and the social security three-dimensional prevention and control system has been continously improved. The responsibility system for production safety has been strictly implemented, and the production safety situation has been continously improved.